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QuaranTime App

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QuaranTime App 🔥

QuaranTime App has been developed by me while I was interning at Enrich Digital Technosolutions Pct. Ltd. keeping in the mind recent incidents in containment Zones to ensure discipline amongst citizens. The app covers the need of citizens, assistance to police officials, and Surveillance Teams increasing their effeciency and provide safety to health workers.


  • Assist

    • Assist medical officials in monitoring symptoms.
  • Predict

    • Predicting potential CORONA Hotspots / Dormant Areas / Improving Zones
  • Alert

    • Quarantine Breach Alerts
  • Transfer

    • Transfer of patients to nearest COVID Health Facility.
  • Update

    • Self updation of symptoms by quarantined citizens.

Monitoring and tracking of Quarantined Citizens

Regular Symptons Check for Updating Health Status

  • Categorizing citizens: combination of Symptons to Category.
  • Citizens symptoms history before treatment.

Verification of Citizen's Identity

  • Facial Verification of user (once in a day).
  • Emotion Recognition and sentiment analysis.
  • Biometric Attendance.
  • Device ID: Detect Login Attempt from other device.

3-D Geofence

  • 30M Virtual Geofence Circle.
  • GPS based 3D Geofencing.
  • Significant change in Altitude is also taken in account.
  • Will detect movement using mobile phone sensor.

Alerts and Notifications even when Offline

  • Quarantine Breach to nearest breach Police patrol.
  • Upgradation of citizens category.
  • Non-updation of health status.
  • Variation of updated data with facial data.
  • SOS call to hospital by citizen.