Parth Maniar

Data Scientist
Research Foundation at SUNY

Hey there, I'm Parth Maniar—a data enthusiast and aspiring data scientist, always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to make a meaningful impact. With a Masters in Data Science from the University at Buffalo, I've built a solid foundation in the world of data science and machine learning. Through coursework and hands-on projects, I've honed my skills in areas like predictive analytics, automation, and data modeling.

As a Research Scientist at The Research Foundation at SUNY, I had the incredible opportunity to delve into cutting-edge technologies, fine-tuning GPT to research and analyze over 12,000 articles, leading to valuable insights through network graph creation. Additionally, I developed RESTful APIs for seamless data exchange, resulting in a 40% reduction in response time, and implemented data processing pipelines, improving data processing speed by 30%.

Currently, I'm engaged in some exciting projects centered around Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning. It's thrilling to work on cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of what data can achieve. But that's not all—I'm also eagerly seeking full-time roles in the field of Data Science, where I can leverage my skills to drive innovation and contribute to real-world solutions.

This is what I am doing right now

I am always looking to learn new things. I am currently working on a few projects related to GPT and Machine Learning. At the same time I am actively on the lookout for full time roles which I can pursue in field of Data, ML and Backend Development.

I am always interested in working on new projects with new people. Feel free to reach out if you have anything to talk about, you can reach me through Mail or Whatsapp or Book a slot!

Here you can see what I use on daily basis


Data Scientist  @  Research Foundation at SUNY
March 2023 - Present
Fine-tuned GPT to research 12,000+ articles & created a network graph, revealing valuable insights & relationships among topics.
Developed and implemented RESTful APIs, enabling seamless data exchange with apps, resulting in 40% reduction in response time.
Implemented data processing pipelines & ETL workflows to handle & transform raw research data into usable formats, enabling analysis, visualization & classification of PFAS drugs using t-SNE/PCA, leading to a 30% improvement in data processing speed
Data Analyst Intern  @  IQVIA
August 2022 - December 2022
Reduced data preprocessing time by 30%, improving accuracy by 25% and streamlining analysis workflows
Optimized SQL queries, cutting execution time by 40% to accelerate data retrieval and boost overall analysis speed and productivity.
Developed interactive dashboards, saving 25% time on data interpretation, better decision-making & providing valuable insights. Collaborated with teams, improving data accessibility & query performance by 15% through data requirements and model design.
Summer Intern  @  IQVIA
May 2022 - August 2022
Spearheading Next Best Action platform & developed 6 algorithms for clients to provide automated solutions using AI increasing stakeholder satisfaction by 80%.
Implemented predictive analytics to provide automated solutions for forecasting the next visit dates of patients, checking whether they are within the window, etc. with an accuracy of 81%. Developed a Spotfire Dashboard with predictive insights.
Created data architecture applying advanced statistical techniques providing greater clarity & increasing efficiency by 40%.
Data Scientist  @  Tata Power
January 2020 - July 2021
Developed weather-based load forecasting models using neural networks, achieving 87% accuracy, and optimizing energy planning.
Managed huge datasets with MongoDB (NoSQL), improving query performance by 40% for efficient data processing. Implemented "human in the loop" approach, reducing forecasting errors by 15% and enhancing decision-making.
Designed robust APIs for model integration, resulting in a 20% improvement in scalability & providing user-friendly access to system. Automated model training, deployment using Apache Airflow, and collaborated cross-functionally to deliver impactful data solutions.
Founder  @  USAPA
February 2020 - January 2021
Designed and developed USAPA, using Apache Airflow and RESTful APIs to process big data, reducing crop losses by 20%.
Spearheaded USAPA development, integrating RESTful APIs with weather services, boosting budget planning & resource allocation
Data Science Intern  @  India Meteorological Department
November 2019 - January 2020
Led a team of 4 and engineered a system to deliver a weather prediction model working on live data recorded at different centers across a city, divided into 96 blocks of 15-minutes each.
Trained & tested various time series algorithms and Neural Networks.
Pioneered machine learning solutions utilizing Random Forest Regressor comprising 512 decision trees with a maximum depth of 96 nodes, Linear Regressor and KNNRegressor to predict relative humidity & temperature obtaining an accuracy of 92%.
Software Engineering Intern  @  NxtGen Infinite Datacenter
August 2019 - October 2019
Created a AI enabled web-based app called ‘Multiverse SSO’ with features like Face Authentication and Liveness Detection.
Merged with KeyCloak for corporate employee access control and solved authentication issues by integrating 18 apps.
Software Consultant  @  VR Tax Consultants
July 2020
Developed RPA Tool for bulk generating of XML files along with draft copy in PDF format required for generating certificates in line with the requirements of utility as provided by the Ministry of Finance (Income Tax Act).
Developed a tool for bulk downloading of PDF files from the income tax website.
Developed a tool for updating UDIN details on the income tax website and also printing the same in PDF files. Developed an automated tool for verifying PAN details from the income tax website.
Project Engineering Lead  @  Enrich Technology
April 2020
Worked on the project titled “QuaranTime App” using Expo and NodeJS. This was developed amidst this global pandemic and aims to help the people globally.
The application is an One - Stop solution for managing the entire corona cycle of a suspected citizen from monitoring the Quarantine till the recovery with Medical Assistance and it uses face recognition and geo fencing.
Blockchain Intern  @  Enrich Technology
February 2020 - March 2020
Worked on the project titled “BlockChain Asset Management” using BigChainDB, Angular and NodeJS.
It is a web based application to maintain and track assets throughout its lifecycle.
Full Stack Intern  @  Enrich Technology
October 2019 - January 2020
Worked on the project titled “Complaint Management System” using Angular, React Native and MongoDB.
It provides a mobile application as well as a web application. It is an intricate system designed that comprises 4 user roles and maintains the whole complaint lifecycle.