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Enhancing Sanitation By Capacity Planning of Public Toilets

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We have developed a smart algorithm using artificial intelligence and deep learning to identify the most appropriate location to build public toilets. It is very important in today's time of increasing population that there are equal numbers of public toilets available for them when they go out. At present many people are still defecating in the open and so our smart algorithm will help completely eliminate this by making toilets available to all.


In this world of 77.3 billion people, 2.1 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation. Out of which 60% of the people belong to india. In India, more people have access to phones and TVs than toilets resulting in them defecating in the open.

Open defecation in India was considered to be a ritual in the olden days, but in today’s time people defecate in the open due to lack of resources like water, electricity and mainly toilets. Open defecation, being one of the measure causes of diseases like dengue and malaria, needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. This can be done by constructing more public toilets. But with the increase in population and decrease in the availability of land, building public toilets at most appropriate locations is a difficult task and our goal is to make this task simpler.

Current status of Non-ODF% Per State is depicted on the map vividly.

As we all know in 2014 Shri Narendra Modi established the scheme of swachh bharat abhiyan which aims in eliminating open defecation by building toilets in every household by 2020 and our goal is to support this abhiyan and achieve the goal as early as possible .


  • Web Portal For Government Officials and NGOS
  • Mobile App for Citizen
  • IoT Based System for automated hygiene assurance.


  • Showcased in:

    • Avhishkar Research Convention 2019
    • MHRD Regional Mentoring Session - Innovation Contest 2019
  • Prizes 🏆

    • Best Social Impact Project Award CSI Mumbai TechNext India 2019
    • SVV Star Innovator Award for this project Somaiya Vidhyavihar
    • First Prize in Idea Competition by Institution Innovation Council 2019
    • Second Prize in PoC Competition by Institution Innovation Council 2019
    • First Prize in Paper Competition in Oscillation 2020